Mulberry Building Surveyors - South West London

Specialists in building surveys of Victorian terrace properties in south west London

In consideration of the purchase of your proposed new Victorian terraced house, this will be probably the largest financial commitment that you will have made during your lifetime.......................... and I can help you!

For ten years I was managing director of a small to medium size company in south west London that specialises in ground floor extensions to Victorian terraced properties. During the course of the building works, my company has opened up and exposed the structure of countless Victorian terraced properties and discovered all the various potential defects. Defects that you need to know about if you are going to be the owner of a Victorian terraced property.

This unparalleled experience of London Victorian properties will give you the depth and breadth of defects specifically associated with this type of property.

We only carry out full building surveys. We do NOT undertake mortgage valuations or homebuyers reports.

What We Offer

I will put your mind at rest in providing you with a detailed technical report on the existing condition of the property which is likely to be in the region of 100 to 120 years old. The report will be about fifteen pages long. The property is likely to have suffered from the following:

  • Historic defects.
  • Alterations
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Lack of modernisation
Victorian terrace in London

My building survey will draw to your attention the degree of seriousness, or not, in order for you to make a considered judgment on your purchase. Following my survey, there is a good chance of the re-negotiation of the price that you are intending to pay for the property. However, very few Victorian terraced properties of this age are without defects. My report will positively identify and suggest costs to rectify any historic defects. I will also be able to offer advice on costs associated with modernisation and alterations if required.

I will inspect all accessible parts of the property and provide a diagnosis of defects encountered and advice on your future maintenance liability. Very often, owners of property give maintenance a low priority. The property that you are considering buying may well have had anything in the region of 10-20 previous owners during its lifespan. Not many owners undertake regular planned maintenance of the property thus avoiding future, larger and unexpected expenses. Updating maintenance is the most cost effective way to stay on top of the minor repairs needed to maintain the value of your property. If you buy a property and then keep it for say 5-7 years, you will want to sell it for its maximum prospective value. The valuation that will take place by the estate agent will partially be as a result of the existing condition at the point of resale.

The whole idea of a pre-acquisition building survey is to provide you, the purchaser, with the detailed technical information of the property condition to allow you a judgement of the purchase price that you intend to pay.

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